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General Details
De Akasha Kronieken

“Find your way back to your true Self through the wisdom of the Akashic Records.”

Have you ever wondered why we can be stuck in the process of our own transformation? Our own development and growth? Do you want to know why we attract certain situations and experiences in our lives?

Soul Realignment® provides insight into the cause of certain negative thoughts, patterns and emotions that are difficult to break through. We investigate these energetic blocks and restrictions at Soul level. These may have originated from this life and/or previous lives. Together we’ll discuss these blocks and restrictions. This provides you with more insight and awareness in your current life experiences..

Soul Realignment® provides:

  • Insight into your potential
  • Awareness of blocks and restrictions in this life and previous lives that at this moment negatively affect your experiences
  • Restoring negative influences on Soul level, so that there is room for healing and making new healthy choices
  • Inner transformation


I have done the coaching program of four sessions with Hanny. She really helped me to regain my strength and to see who I am again. I really enjoyed working with Hanny. She gives me the tools to keep going, clear homework and she really helped me. Thank you for that.

Diane Walinga

With great pleasure I participated in the IET course given by Hanny. I have experienced her as friendly, warm and energetic. She teaches in a nice way and there is room for the story and the individuality of the students. During lunch, dietary requirements were taken very seriously and she made sure that the inner person was not forgotten! Lunching was a party! A nice three days that quickly felt familiar, which I looked forward to every time and which I have benefited greatly from! Thank you, dear Hanny, I am very happy that I participated in this course! I have benefited greatly from this.

Sarah Sixma

I had a Soul Realignment session from Hanny Bronger. She took a lot of time for me, gave me clear and special information, an extra boost and confidence to move on to action! I recommend her sessions and coaching! It is a very special experience !!

Jisca Bontekoe
Speech Therapist Owner Jisca's Stemtraining

I have received a Soul Realignment® session from Hanny. I did not know what to expect, but what a special experience and definitely recommended! Of course you sometimes feel out of sync and you ask yourself why you always make the same wrong choices? I too had this feeling of… why ?? Knowing that something is not right, but what…? With this session you get your answers. Clarity! Now it’s time to let go and to get everything into perspective. New energy without blockages and in my own Soul power. I’m on the right path. Thank you dear Hanny for this beautiful experience.

Annetta H.

Hanny is a very dedicated coach in guiding people and working with energy.
After an emotionally difficult period, I received a remote IET® treatment from Hanny. It’s very special what that has done to me. I no longer experience tension, I can be myself again and have more energy to take steps again. Thank you! for this fantastic experience and change. The guidance of Hanny and her way of working has given me the confidence to work on this process together.


Hanny thanks for the nice, relaxed, intensive training you gave.
You have guided us step by step very well. You had all the attention for us. The training was well structured with theory and practice. The lunch, tea and refreshments were well taken care of. Even now that the training is complete we can contact you with our questions.
Three valuable, special days. Thanks.

Trudy van der H.

With great pleasure I participated in the IET Basic Level course given by Hanny. She is a fantastic hostess, and the training was professionally organized. Hanny is very down to earth and easily accessible. The course included a practical manual that I can easily apply in my yoga classes. I would like to recommend this course to everyone.

Marlies van de Pol
Yoga teacher Founder & Owner You are the Buddha

Hanny has been helping me for years now, through energetic treatments that I benefit from a lot. I enjoy going to Hanny for an energetic treatment and I feel like new after a treatment. My family also goes to her regularly, I heartily recommend Inner Joy Coaching & Training to everyone!

Zoë van M.
Natural Horsemanship and Energy Therapy Founder & Owner of The Horsewoman

Hanny is a coach who has undergone enormous development, both spiritually and personally. This development can be felt in her treatments.
Her energy is loving, wise, honest and powerful at the same time. Her method carefully and completely.
She has given me wonderful remote healings several times (Netherlands-America). In preparation we first contacted via what’s app, in which I was prepared for the upcoming treatment and what we were going to focus on. After the healing I get feedback on the treatment and there is room for me to share my experiences. If necessary, I also receive tips and/or advice via email.
In the past I received healings from Hanny on a threatment table. The healings from a distance are just as nice and natural, almost unimaginable with those miles between us. Her energy work with help from the angels bridges every distance!

I took the Integrated Energy Therapy training from Hanny and it helped me so much on my spiritual path. Hanny gives the training with so much knowledge, love and professional guidance. I am now certified for all three modules. With all the knowledge I have received, I can now open my own practice and I can help and guide others in their search for themselves.
Hanny thanks for everything!

Manon Knijpstra-Koning
Coaching & Healing Owner of Follow your Heart Coaching & Training

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