About Inner Joy


“It's time to embrace your own greatness.”

Inner Joy Coaching & Training focuses on coaching WOMEN who are ready for TRANSFORMATION.


My name is Hanny Bronger, Energetic Coach & Trainer and I would like to help you to reconnect with your true ‘Self’ and to get in touch with your own unique talents and qualities. If you are ready to take steps towards your goal, then I am your coach!


Inner Joy Coaching & Training coaches energetically on:

  • Finding the way back to your true Self
  • Giving insight at Soul level
  • Awareness of energetic blocks and restrictions arising from this life and/or previous lives
  • Releasing energetic blocks and restrictions
  • Embracing and using your talents and qualities
  • Inner transformation

Inner Joy supports in finding the way back to your true ‘Self’. If you feel that you are ignoring your own needs or that you are ‘stuck’ in life or have ‘lost’ yourself, you can find your way back to yourself with the help of energetic coaching. Energetic coaching helps to understand your potential, but also provides insight into possible blocks and restrictive thoughts and patterns. This creates awareness and from here you can make new choices for yourself that resonate better with you.


I started my career at an insurance company, but deep inside I knew that this was not my path. I wanted to follow an education that was more in alignment with me as a person and that became a training for massage therapist. At that time I did not feel like I had to quit my job and to start my own practice. A few years later, I said from out of nowhere, to my team manager why we did not use chair massage at our department. That was apparently the right time and the right team manager. From here the doors opened for me and I was eventually hired to give chair massages in the department where I worked.

Shortly after I followed the training Energetic Healing and during this training I quit my job in 2010 and started my own practice, Vipura Practice for Naturopathy with Neuro Emotional Integration as the main method.

In May 2014, we moved to California for my husband’s work. I experienced a very peaceful feeling when we were faced with this choice as a family. Therefore I easily let go of everything I had built up with Vipura. I could only say YES to this new adventure. I thought to myself that it would be nice if I could give workshops there and could do treatments based on donation. So it happened …. On one of my first coffee mornings that was organized in our Dutch community, I was asked if I could also give workshops and treatments.

I have developed myself further in the field of energetic healing and have graduated in Los Angeles as an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor. This means that I am authorized to teach IET®. In addition, I did the course Soul Realignment®. This is also a method that is close to my heart. Furthermore, I did a Training for Restorative Yoga Teacher and have deepened my knowledge in the field of Mindfulness, Meditation, Quantum Entrainment and Assertiveness Coaching.

In July 2018 we returned to the Netherlands and I am ready to start my own practice again. Because of all the experiences I have gained and insights I have received it is time to have a change of course and to renew. 

Welcome to Inner Joy Coaching & Training where we focus on WOMEN who have as main goal INNER TRANSFORMATION.

Inner Joy is ...

to experience happiness from within. We often let our happiness depend on people and things outside ourselves. We often think that only when we have found the right partner, the perfect house or if we have a certain position or status that we will be happy. It can also be small things like the happiness you experience when you have bought a pair of new shoes or new clothes. These are all examples of short-term happiness. It often does not hold, because you are dependent on people or material things in order for you to feel happy.

Often we are too busy with our ego, mental discussions, fears and feelings that we are not good enough. When we talk about inner joy, we are talking about the unconditional love of yourself. To fully accept yourself with your good and bad sides and to make healthy choices for yourself from this perspective. To make the light that shines from within bigger and to let yourself shine from the inside out. It’s in all of us. The only question is whether you allow yourself to experience, feel and express it.